Chatten med Pavey: It´s like the crazy gang

Allsvenskan går mot sin upplösning och på söndag möts Hammarby och AIK i ett riktigt ödesderby. Kenny Pavey chattade på fotbollskanalen.se och berättade bland annat om att AIK är ett galet gäng, som sitt favoritlag Millwall och om Ivan Obolo. Läs hela chatten

Michael: What do you think about Neil Harris at Millwal, such a warrior!! How was it to grow up in London Town?
Kenny Pavey: Hello Michael, Chopper is a legend in millwall all time best top scorer and a real down to earth pro. Growing up in London was good,i come from quite a rough area a place called Peckham,but life was good have no complates....;-)

Bajen: Do you want Djurgården and Hammarby in Allsvenskan next year?
Kenny Pavey: If im honest mate im in 2 minds as i guess you would be,playing the derby matches and fighting to be best in town is a big thing for all 3 clubs but life is alot easier when the other 2 are doing bad ;-)

Bajen: What do you like the most with Sweden?
Kenny Pavey: The women!!!;-) na just kidding ,lots of things mate, culture,night life, food, great country for kids to grow up in,all in all im very happy here ;-)

AIK: Liverpool or Man Utd??
Kenny Pavey: If steveie G is not playing then Man U ;-)

Felix: What is your favorite team in england?

Aikare: Do you have any Idol?

carl: Who do you think is the best player in allsvenskan?
Kenny Pavey: Very hard to say mate but Henrik Larsson is the 1st name to come to mind

Tärnan: Hey Kenny, you have played less lately, why? I miss you on the field!!
Kenny Pavey: Ive been injured mate in the swedish cup semi final but im back now and hope to be on the field more and more ;-)

allsvenskan: tror du att mlwall skulle vinna allsvenskan ‘‘????
Kenny Pavey: HAHAHA we will never no my friend ;-)

Erkan: Tror du att martin mutumba har chans på landslagsspel?
Kenny Pavey: Why not...

leo: what is your favorit team in spanish
Kenny Pavey: Barca ;-)

John: Hello Kenny! How does it feel now with 3 games away from the gold? Do you think AIK will take SM-Gold? =) Good Luck!
Kenny Pavey: Hello john feels better to be top then bottom hehe,we have a great chance but still feels a long way away,fingers crossed ;-)

Adam: Tjena Kenny när ska du skriva på ett nyttt kontrakt? Börjar bli dags!
Kenny Pavey: I hope very soon mate i wanna stay so lets hope it happens ;-)

Kurdddd: You got any other intrests without soccer?
Kenny Pavey: Family,music,boxing,ufc ps3 ;-)

Max: There some rumors about you that you are a ex-hooligan or a member in millwalls firm, its that true ?
Kenny Pavey: HAHA no...

totti: what do you think about the aiks supporters? bad and good things
Kenny Pavey: How can i say bad things about the best fans in scandinavia!!! as for good things ,they bring a atmosfar that no other club in sweden has,its the closest to playing in PL as the fans dont stop singing all game and the papers love to hate them because theres nothing like it anywere else in the country...

Oskar: Världens bästa målvakt :)?
Kenny Pavey: after Daniel Orat ill have to say Julio Cesar Inter ;-)

Dalkurd FF: Hej vem tycker du är bästa mittfältaren i AIK?
Kenny Pavey: Me of course hahahaha ;-)

Oskar: lampard or gerrard?
Kenny Pavey: Gerrard ALL DAY LONG MATE!!!!

robert k: hello kenny, which stadium are your favourite stadium you played on?:)
Kenny Pavey: RASUNDA...

Mohdhi, Gnagare: Oy there M8! All well back home in Sthlm? Now tell me, what do you reckon Gnaget and millwall will do? Do you think we will have wonderful year? Champions of Sweden, Champions of the Cup and Promotion for The Lions? Hope 2 see ya down at da den m8! Cheers! Mohdhi Dublin, Ireland (Aswell as The Den)
Kenny Pavey: CORE BLIND ME!!!T hat would be something mate!!! Lets be greedy and go for the lock stock!!!Fingers crossed a mate ;-) Only time will tell be lucky kennyboy ;-)

pzzz: Hur tror du att matchen mellan BP och GBG slutar?
Kenny Pavey: 1-1 ;-) I HOPE

Jonatan: Will England win the World Cup in south africa 2010?
Kenny Pavey: COURSE WE WILL ;-)

K.P.: how was it to play in Råsunda for the first time, nervous?
Kenny Pavey: It was for Ljungskile and i LOVED it i killed Heinz after 3mins and got booed everytime i got the ball in the 1st half hahaha but it was amazing and was so happy when i found out it was my new home ;-)

Jacob: Hej Kenny.. Vilken är den bästa spelaren du mött?
Kenny Pavey: Swedish Larsson /in England Anelka ;-)

DaLi.: who do you think will win champions league?
Kenny Pavey: Hate to say it mate but Chelsea scum

Joel: Who do you think is the best player in Göteborg? and in Premier league? !
Kenny Pavey: My good friend Eric Lund and in PL Stevie G ;-)

Dee: Who is the most promising youngster in the AIK or Väsby squad that hasn't played for the A-team yet?
Kenny Pavey: I think Viktor Lundberg he has played some games but still he is one for the furture ;-)

anton: tar aik guld i år?
Kenny Pavey: I hope so of course ,only time will tell ;-)

DaLi.: How was it training with Aston Villa?
Kenny Pavey: Fantastic ,i had so much fun and really thought that i was gonna sign it was a real low point in my life...

Alex: Juve or Milan:?
Kenny Pavey: Milan i think mate

Tommy: Who do you believe take over the swedish national team ?
Kenny Pavey: I Would like to see Larsson have a go ,he has the respect of the players and has seen alot...;-)

DaLi.: whos the funiest guy in AIK?
Kenny Pavey: TOOOO MANY To mention mate its like the crazy gang hahaha

Luton: How many of your friends from childhood is still playing football on a pro-level?
Kenny Pavey: Not to many mate to be fair i went to school with shean wright phillips and scott parker and i know Jimmy Bullard very well to, they would be the biggest names to still be playing ..

-: What do u think about John Tauer?
Kenny Pavey: We fight alot on the pitch but he is actually a nice guy,i have met him out many times and we always have a laugh about matches or results ...

Jonatan: do u think the AIK team in 2006 is better than the team now?
Kenny Pavey: thats a very hard question,i think the allsvenskan over all was better in 2006 but we have a great team this year and could win the double, if we do that then you would have to say this team is better..

Alen: Do you like HIPHOP ?
Kenny Pavey: yeah some mate

LSK: What u think about lsk? still follow them?
Kenny Pavey: Of course! I was there for some time and still have good contact with players and people from Ljungskile,i am really glad they stayed up and lets hope they will be up the top next year ;-)

DaLi.: whs your favourite player right NOW?
Kenny Pavey: Messi,when he is in form he is unstopable...

Bajen: Who is in your opinion Hammarbys best player?
Kenny Pavey: H. Laitinen he is a top man to...

Gnaget!: ditt bästa minne mad aik?
Kenny Pavey: Ask me that one after the season ;-)

Fredrik X: Is there anyone in Göteborg that you would like to tackle more than the rest of them?
Kenny Pavey: HAHAHA nah not really i think i did enough last time we played them lol

aik: What do you think about Vinnie Jones?
Kenny Pavey: He was a great leader!!!He was not a bad play always gave 110% and loved to get stuck in!! ;=)

BlackIsBack: Sunday sgame, a cold and rainy day it seems to be. How would that effect the game?
Kenny Pavey: I hope the pitch will hold up and not effect the game to much,as for the wind the stadium does pretty well keeping that under control,if we can play are normal game then we should win ;-)

jacob: how do feel to play at 12.30 on sunday, to early?
Kenny Pavey: hello mate , yeah it can effect some people but i have two small kids so i am up early and can prepare as normal...

Joakim: who was your biggest idol as a young boy?
Kenny Pavey: Teddy Sheringham

Joakim: what is your favourite dish of Swedish food?
Kenny Pavey: ALLL ;-) I would probably say meatloaf hehe mmmmm ;-)

Joakim: What would your rate of Allsvenskan be from 1-10 if the premier league was 10
Kenny Pavey: hehe hard one mate but 5 maybe ....

Magnus: Can you se your son play in AIK in the future?
Kenny Pavey: Yes i can hahaha but they will have to be quick becuase Alex Ferguson has already been on the phone ;-)

Nicklas: When we singing " Its only one Kenny Pavey" how do you feel ?
Kenny Pavey: Top of the world my friend, its a great honor and it really means alot to me ;-)

Joakim: What is your first thought when you think of Swedish football?
Kenny Pavey: AIK!!!!! ;-)

Nam: Who do you think is Great Britains best player
Kenny Pavey: Steven Gerrard

milan: vad tycker du om obolo
Kenny Pavey: great player ,smart ,great in the air and a real nice down to earth guy,a real pleasure to work with ...

Tärnan: your favorite actor or comedian?
Kenny Pavey: Nice question ;-) Al Pichino /Robert Di Niro / Lee Evens

Felix: Who is your best friend in AIK??
Kenny Pavey: Hang alot with Jos,salah,nisse,bojan,miran,lee we are a very tight team so everyone kind of hangs out with eachother,which is really good

Joakim: What is the main thing you miss about England, now that you live in Sweden?
Kenny Pavey: Just family ,friends and my Pie and Mash"thats my favorite meal" ;-)

Perla: Kenny, compare norling And stahre if u can ? Ur a legend btw
Kenny Pavey: They are/was both very good coaches which learned me alot.They have the same football mind which was one of the reason we did so well 2006.RN has a lot more to give to the game and i hope to see him back on the touch line soon,as for MS,he is having a great year and also did very well in vasby,he has got us playing great football and has bought a new light to the team,i hope we can make history for him and all concerned with the club ;-)

Berra B: Which song from Norra Stå do you like best?
Kenny Pavey: one kenny pavey is super,but i love du du du du du oh kenny pavey p p pavey, and framat stolta aik ;-)

totti: what are the three best things about sweden?
Kenny Pavey: FOOD,WOMEN AND SWEDISH SUMMER HEHE ("Dont tell my wife i said that"haha)

Eddie: vem är din bästa kompis i aik??
Kenny Pavey: Hang alot with Jos,salah,nisse,bojan,miran,lee we are a very tight team so everyone kind of hangs out with eachother,which is really good

Viktor: Hej Kenny, Vad tycker du om Malmö ? Och vem tycker du är den bästa spelaren där?
Kenny Pavey: Malmö är ett mkt bra lag och kan slå vilket lag som helst i allsvenskan, men deras problem är att dom inte är jämna. Daniel Larsson har varit bra i slutet, men jag har spelat med Wilton i ett par år och jag vet vad han kan, så han kommer nog bli deras bästa spelare nästa år..

Jeppe: Who do you think will be relegated to Superettan?
Kenny Pavey: i think Dif and Hif have a real up hill battle to stay in the league so would probably say them 2...

Macke: Hello kenny, what team do like in english premier league?
Kenny Pavey: love watching Man u but im not a fan just a fan of football and when stevie g is playing then i love watching liverpool ;-)

Dee Which are hardest defenders to play against in Allsvenskan?
Kenny Pavey i thought ricardo in malmo was good but i didnt get to test him very much as our backs was a bit against the wall when we played them away..

Wille Vem är "galnast" i AIK?
Kenny Pavey We have a real mental lot!!lol i sometimes think im in that movie "one flew over the cuco nest" we have a lot of clowns but its all good,jos,saleh,bojan some may say me"but im as sane as they come";-) ch is not normal!! flavio is up there to ..o and baxter"nutter" lol

oscar roma or lazio
Kenny Pavey Roma

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