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Pavey derbychattade: "Hammarby var bättre än Djurgården"


AIK:s Kenny Pavey chattade på fotbollskanalen.se. Läs alla frågor och svar här. Högerbacken vill också rikta ett stort tack till alla läsare för visat intresse.

oskar: hej! jag måste säga att du är allsvenskans hårdaste/roligaste fotbollsspelare. vad tycker du om era supportrar på norra stå inför söndagens derby?
Kenny Pavey: i think that its a huge game for us as players but even bigger match for the fans i think with all the support i know we have it will give us the extra energy to go on and win the game thanks Ludvig

ludvig: om du var tvungen att ta in en spelare från dif till aik, vem skulle du då ta?
Kenny Pavey: Teddy Sheringham hahahaha,-)

Andreas: Hur gillar du att spela högerback?

Kenny Pavey: I feel i can do the job at right back and its a position that can be quite fun if i get the oppurtunity to go forward and join in the attacks, i feel that my strongest position is midfield but i am learning more how to play right back every game

alexander: tja vilket är det svåraste motståndet mellan djurgården och hammarby?
Kenny Pavey: Last year i felt that hammarby was actually the better team when we played against them but its results and points that count so i would have to say that Djurgarden is the better team at the moment

Erik: How many goals will we see from you this year?
Kenny Pavey: As playing right back so far this season i am not in the box as much as playing the midfield but i am still hoping to get some goals at some point how many i am not so sure ,-)

Nesnaj: I know that you're a Millwall supoorter, is there any team in London you could never play for?
Kenny Pavey: its true i am millwall fan but when it comes to my job i must be proffesional and put my feelings aside when playing for any english club especially west ham or chelsea


daniel: Vilken spelare i Assyriska FF skulle du vilja ha??
Kenny Pavey: My old team mate Dennis Östlundh , best free kick taker i have ever seen ;-)

Gustav: Vem tycker du är bäst i laget? :D
Kenny Pavey: we are 1 my freind ;-)

Gustaf: vilken är din favorit klubb förutom AIK?!
Kenny Pavey: i had a great time in Ljungsike and have many friends there so would have to say Ljungskile

Fred: What's the biggest difference in AIK compared to last year?
Kenny Pavey: We lost some quality players no one can deny that and at the moment we are having a rough time ,but we still have quality players and i beleive that we can still turn this season around

Dixie dean: Will you be following the Leeds-Charltno and Millwall-Tranmere-games today?
Kenny Pavey: of course i will mate come on you lions ;-)

johan: pavey jag har dig som idol men ja har en fråga också hur tar ni den här ‘‘krisen som är för aik
Kenny Pavey: Thanks mate ,as ive said before we are having a rough time right now compared to the highs of last year but with the fans support and our belief in eachother as players we can turn things around


Annie: What was tou initial reaction when you heard that Micke Stahre had left for greece?
Kenny Pavey: I was of course shocked i didnt know the full situation but after knowing a bit more about the situation i can only congratulate him and thank him for the best footballing season of my life last year ,it was emotional but managers and players come and go in AIK so we have to focus on the job in hand right now

Andreas: Vad tror du om matchen? Hur kommer matchbilden se ut?
Kenny Pavey: Typical derby match with alot of passion and energy from AIK side and hopefully 3 points to get us climbing back up the table

Nesnaj: Hi Kenny, what are your thoughts on the poor start to the season, is Eguren really playable up front, how has the team managed Stahres departure and which of your teammates will score over 5 goals this season?
Kenny Pavey: First of all i have to say i have full belief in our strikers and when they get going there is 1 of many players that can get more than 5 goals i said before the season Miran Burgic is at least a 10 goal a season guy with the right service he and the rest of the lads can get more goals. Egueren has taken alot of critiscism but i believe that he is a quality player you dont play all those matches in LA LIGA if your not a good player hes a hardworker in training and in matches and i believe in him. Micke departure was a shock to us all but as i said we have to move on and this is how it is somethimes in football.


Okee: Vrf går det så trögt i Aik ligger under strecket. Och en sista fråga vem är din bästa fotbollspelare och klubb
Kenny Pavey: We have not had the best of starts but i beleive things will turn around. My favourite team is Millwall and at the moment you have to say that MESSI is the best player right now but growing up its was Teddy Sheringham "when he played for millwall of course"

Danne: Vinner ni matchen?
Kenny Pavey: yes

Butcher: Tjena Kenny! How are u? how was it to play with joey cole in high school??
Kenny Pavey: hello mate,i didnt play with joe cole actually in high school but i did go to school with Scott Parker in westham and Shaun wright phillps who is now in Man City,was really nice to see them go on and do so well.

Micke: Any plans of returning to England, or do you see your long-time future in Sweden?
Kenny Pavey: I fell quite settled here in Sweden especially Stockholm and its a good place for my family Football is a funny game and you never know whats around the corner as it stands right now i do see myself with a Long time future here in Sweden


john: what do u think about aik s chanches to qualify into champions league ?
Kenny Pavey: Alot depends on the drew of course but at this present moment our full attention is on the Allsvenska.

Kalle: what team do you think win allsvenskan? and can Helsingborg do it ?
Kenny Pavey: They have had a fantastic start but i really didnt see a big difference when we played agaist them for a team that running away with the League. there is still a long way to go and alot of twists and turns and still alot of teams that have not hit there form yet.

Filip: Tja kenny! Hur ofta tränar ni i laget tillsammans?
Kenny Pavey: Hello mate, we get one day off a week normally 2 days after a game training before and after a game is normally light for those that have played.

Moha Pipipta: Vilken liga skulle du helst spela i ? Och vilka skulle du helst spela i Barca eller Real Madrid?
Kenny Pavey: I would love to have played in the premier league i think its the best league in the world and out of Barca and Real Madrid i would say Barca sorry Madrid fans ;-)


john: vad tycker du om DIF:s förra vänsterback Jan Tauer?
Kenny Pavey: We had some nice battles and i miss him , met him off the pitch a few times and hes a good lad.

matte: tja hur känns det inför derbyt?
Kenny Pavey: The adrenalin is building up, its not my 1st derby so i know what to expect ,i know how much a win will mean to us both players and fans so just really looking forward to it.

Publicerad 2010-05-02 kl 09:31

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