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Barton i jättebråk med gammal lagkamrat på Twitter: ”Ditt liv är en bilkrasch”


Joey Barton och Dietmar Hamann hamnade i ett långt och ilsket bråk på Twitter på måndagskvällen.

Det hela slutade med att Joey Barton sade sig vara redo att göra upp med närvarna närhelst Hamann kände för det.

Upprinnelsen till bråket var ett twitterinlägg från Joey Barton där han kommenterade det faktum att Marseilles Loic Remy som tyckts vara överens med Newcastle istället var på väg att gå till QPR, klubben som lånat ut Barton till Marseille. I sitt inlägg pikar han Newcastlebossen Derek Llambias.

Batons pik fick före detta Manchester City och Liverpool spelaren Dietmar Hamann att reagera, och han svarade Barton, via Twitter, att han borde visa respekt för sin före detta arbetsgivare. Och sedan bar bollen i rullning.


Barton uppskattade inte att bli tillrättavisad och kontrade ilsket mot Hamann och insinuerade att Hamann var bitter bara för att han gjort av med alla sina pengar på spel, alkohol och droger (något det inte finns några som helst belägg för).

Fajten mellan de båda före detta lagkamraterna som spelade tillsammans i Manchester City 2006-2007 böljade fram och tillbaka – och Barton som inte är främmande för att ta till nävarna avslutade med att påminna Hamann om att han var redo för en fajt, närsomhelst, 24 timmar om dygnet, 365 dagar om året.

Här nedan kan du läsa ”dialogen”.

Joseph Barton - Watching Patriots. Just heard from a magician that Loic Remy has signed for QPR. Not sure what happened at Newcastle probably Llambas again!

 Didi Hamann - @joey7barton Joey do yourself a favour and stay out of club politics QPR and NUFC have paid you well for playing not to commentonrecruitment


 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann trying to give me stick you cheeky man. Get your own life in order first... #peopleinglasshouses

 Didi Hamann - @joey7barton I never said a bad word about my ex clubs and I never will as that's called respect and dignity Joseph .You got a lot to learn

 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann what about they way I seen you prepare for a game. That dignified? Worst pro I've ever seen Youve got more front than Harrods

 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann only cos your trying your b*llocks off to get a job now your skint. Don't try a be all self righteous u blert. I know u!

 Didi Hamann - @joey7barton My life was in order well before yours you should light a candle for Fernandes and Llambias every day for paying you that money

 Joseph Barton - @dietmarhamann if you wanna have it out publicly. Am here all day mate. Not having idiots like you talking like u actually have a clue!


 Joseph Barton - @dietmarhamann you where a good player. Won more than me, yeah. Thats were you en mate on the pitch. Ur life's a car crash. #pipedown

 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann you earned a few quid yourself. U choose to spunk it. Don't hate me cos ur a f*ck up!

 Didi Hamann - @joey7barton The problem is that you think because you play in France you think you are an international player #farfromit

 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann i put the graft in mate. Not playing poker online and smoking biffas night before the game. I wouldnt let u manage a pet shop

 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann u WHERE a good player. More to life than football, u nugget...

 Didi Hamann - @joey7barton Never forget who pays and paid your wages my friend how you dare having a go at Llambias and Fernandes England international


 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann like being a family man. Being honest. Being loyal. Being a man. Being able to look at yourself in the mirror. Can u do that?

 Didi Hamann - Joseph I won't get personal as Twitter is not the place to do that but don't think you are bigger than you are

Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann Whose had a go at Fernandes? U idiot! Don't be bitter. You earned ur dough but blew it. Don't ever try to call me out maggot

Didi Hamann - @joey7barton Yes I do look in the mirror. I made mistakes but don't forget where you come from.Dont bite the hand off that feeds you

Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann you chosen to get personal a few times. Now, u don't like it when I do. Told u people in glass houses! No pipe yourself down

Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann before you get fully emptied out publicly, you blert. You've got my number. You know where to find me 24/7


Didi Hamann - @joey7barton No problem Joseph lets see each other in 5 years I hope I don't have to go to Walton #prison

Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann you'll probably need a loan for your bus fare there! #skabint

Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann don't be getting all self righteous. If I were you i'd think twice about trying to be clever or giving ANYBODY stick.

 Didi Hamann - I hope I didn't offend anyone I just wanted to make a point why football needs to change if a player who writes for the Big Issue has a go

 Didi Hamann - at some of his former clubs managements #englandinternational

Didi Hamann - @joey7barton You said you want to boil burglars alive last week ..get a grip son and concentrate on your football ...England international

 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann champions leagues medals don't make ur wife or kids respect u. Ur life like a car crash mate. Sort ur own house out!


 Joseph Barton - Sick of washed up former pro's giving it big portions cos they've wasted their money. Medals don't pay your kids schools fees... #jogon

 Joseph Barton - I'll take advice from people I respect. I won't however be told be someone I deem vastly inferior as a MAN, how to live my life. #norespect

 Joseph Barton - There is more to life than kicking around a football. Yes, its great. I am lucky. I'd give it all up tomo for my family. #inaheartbeat

 Didi Hamann - @joey7barton The medals won't make my kids respect me but im not prepared to punch a child in the face in McDonald's for them to respect me

 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann u still here. U still engaged to that wrongun... #sillyboy

Didi Hamann - @joey7barton I love a pint but never took drugs in my life be careful what you say England international #dontgetangryjoseph


 Joseph Barton - Sniffed and gambled all your dough. What a waste. Left kids and wife, cos u pulled a young bird. Tragic. Now do one Tourette's face!

 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann i know all about u and ur firm of cronies mate. Buy and sell u all till the cow's come home. I'll leave u now, its al'arse...

 Didi Hamann - @joey7barton I let the people judge Joseph it seems to me you got a lot of anger in you #englandinternational

 Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann only for dogs... #dialaloan

Didi Hamann - @joey7barton I'm happy to see you anytime Joseph and I'll tell you the same thing as last time my friend I've not given up on you

Joseph Barton - @DietmarHamann for one, you have never been a friend of mine. Don't make the mistake of being an acquaintance. As before 365 24/7

Joseph Barton - Disappointed in myself for getting involved in that. But never let a dog try to tell u its not a dog an that u are! A dogs a f---ing dog...

Publicerad 2013-01-14 kl 23:24


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